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  • Tell us about your business

  • Please let us know if your business is already open (please precise the year it started) or if you are just getting started.
  • In a few sentences, please let us know about your business and what you offer. It should also weave in some information about what your organization is and why it exists.
  • In a few sentences, please let us know who your ideal customers (it can include relevant criteria such as gender, location, age, revenue...)
  • Tell us about your website project

  • If the answer is yes, please provide us the website address
  • Please let us know what you expect from the website: it can be just displaying your products or services but also driven by more specific objectives: getting phone calls or messages or even online purchases. (Please be as precise as possible)
  • For each of them, please precise the address and what you like and do not like for each of them
  • If you already know it please provide us with their name and their content. If you are not sure yet, that is fine, we would just need at least how many pages you want
  • Please give us a rough estimate of the price you can dedicate to your website project
  • Please give us an idea of when you would need your new website to be completed and deployed

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